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    The Farish Street Historic District stands...

    As a powerful symbol of the resilience, ingenuity, endurance, and rich culture of a community that had only recently emerged from the grips of slavery, a mere 10-12 years prior. This historic district represents a pivotal period in history characterized by Black empowerment and progress, despite the systemic barriers imposed by the prevailing laws and social order of the time—namely, the era of Reconstruction (1865-1877) and the era of Jim Crow (1877-1965). As a family, we have dedicated ourselves to the important task of documenting, preserving, and safeguarding the legacy of unparalleled economic, social, and political achievements made by African Americans in Jackson, Mississippi, during the significant periods of Reconstruction (1865-1877) and Jim Crow (1877-1965).


    The Farish Forward Fest has joined forces with the Willie and Aikisha Colon Foundation, a dedicated organization committed to enhancing the community. The foundation's core mission encompasses education, economic development, physical and mental wellness, and sports. By collaborating with the Farish Forward Fest, proceeds generated from the event will contribute to the ongoing fulfillment of this important mission.

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    Aikisha Holly Colon...

    A native of Jackson, Mississippi, is the Founder of Farish Forward Fest & Expo and CEO of Holly Colon Development Group. She's a cast member on the Southern reality TV series Belle Collective on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Aikisha pursued her education at R.M. Callaway High School in Jackson & later attended Clark Atlanta University, an HBCU in Atlanta, Georgia. She was initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorotiy while aquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Arts, specializing in Radio/TV/Film. Following her college graduation, she embarked on a career at WSB-TV Atlanta's ABC affiliate, gaining valuable experience in the field. Aikisha's passion for broad-casting also led her to become a host on The Midday Show, part of Atlanta's pioneering internet radio network, Beehive FM. With a career spanning over 15 years, she has amassed extensive expertise in social media marketing.


    In addition to her professional achievements, Aikisha Holly Colon is the proud co-owner and operator of Bricks & Hops Beer Garden located in the vibrant Bronx, New York. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Aikisha's family boasts a long-standing legacy as landowners, dating back to the establishment of Farish Street in 1896. Committed to preserving and redeveloping the Farish Street Historic District, her family remains dedicated to breathing new life into this treasured area. Aikisha is President and Executive Director of the WIllie and Aikisha Colon Foundation.


    The foundation is committed to education, health, and economic development in the founders' home communities of Bronx, NY, and Jackson, MS. Aikisha is the doting wife of Former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion Willie Colon and a loving mother of three, William IV, Holly, and Asia (adopted niece).